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We're excited to be opening our shop in March 2022 where you will be able to pick up custom apparel and training accessories to help Build The New U.

But don't despair, if you haven't yet picked up a copy of my Best Selling book Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle: How to turn your struggle into your SUCCESS, you can grab one below.

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Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle:

How To Turn Your Struggle Into Your SUCCESS

Once responsible for the protection of the highest office in the land, Gary Fahey’s 10-year silent battle with depression and gambling addiction cost him $2 million, his career, his reputation and very nearly his life.

Turning the fight OF his life into a fight FOR his life, Gary embarked on a journey of discovery, trial and error, research, understanding, (some pain) and ultimately great success.

Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle shares the blow-by-blow strategies that shifted a life of desperation… into a life of purpose. More importantly, the book has been carefully authored to ensure that ANYONE can implement these simple strategies for positive and permanent results.

Whether you are bouncing off rock bottom or on the edge of greatness, Gary’s Tested On Me philosophy provides a unique perspective of formal training with lived experience to take you from where you are now… to where you want to be.

“I found my peace and I found a pathway to help others find it also.”

– Gary Fahey

“Every now and then a distinctive voice on life, strife and success emerges and Gary is just that voice.”

– Gerry Robert,

International Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset

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