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A New Breed Of Speaker

Following his own mantra of ‘Be Brutal’, Gary’s brutal honesty about his own journey make him a public speaker like no other.

Masters level education meets Mt. Druitt manner makes Gary as adept to the boardroom as the bar room, using his lived experience to convert the academic to the actual. His vulnerable delivery and ‘tested on me’ approach to dealing with the struggles high achievers often face in silence gives him a connection to the audience that is unobtainable for many in this field.

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“Every now and then a distinctive voice on life, strife and success emerges and Gary is just that voice.” – Gerry Robert

Keynote and Conference Topics: 

Externally Bulletproof, Internally Brittle: From Bodyguard to broken and back 

Identity Crisis: Dealing with the "U" you don't talk about

Man-tal Health Crisis: Not our native language

Identity Re-assignment: A forward focused approach to sustainable (addiction / mental health) recovery

The Unholy Trinity: Addiction, Affliction and Confliction - How to recognise, negotiate and hack your struggles to build success

Custom Content: Custom speeches and conference presentations to meet conference objectives. Gary's vast high performance and high pressure experiences, mixed with his lived experience of mental health, addiction, resilience and recovery provide the perfect combination of educational, motivational, entertaining and functional deliverables to your audiences in either keynote speech, presentation Q & A or panel discussion settings. Suggested areas of focus include: identity, purpose and resilience, addiction and mental health (depression, anxiety, ptsd) recovery, peak performance strategy development and implementation, leadership and culture.

Executive Life Strategy and Peak Performance Coaching: Gary's LIVED IT, LEARNED IT and EARNED IT experience places him at the forefront of peak performance coaching for individuals and teams in high pressure, high performance, high risk and high responsibility fields. From athletes to executive, the armed forces and frontline services, Gary has been there, experienced it, built it and LIVES it making him a "global go-to" for those looking to move from where they are now, to where they want to be. Contact Gary directly or through Pique Performance for tailored coaching and consulting services.

Corporate Speaking and Workshops: 

High IQ: Improving your identity quotient for sustained success 

Custom Content: Build a corporate experience specific to your team's needs and objectives. Gary's vast high performance and high pressure corporate experience , mixed with his exposure to internal, national and international crisis provides the perfect combination of educational, motivational, entertaining and functional deliverables to your executive, your board or your workforce in either presentation, workshop or Q & A setting. Suggested areas of focus include: corporate identity, strategy development and implementation, leadership and culture, intentionality and individual accountability

Corporate Consulting: Please contact Gary directly or through Pique Performance for corporate consulting options. Gary's experience in managing the strategic direction of the Australian Federal Police as well as his formal education in Business and Leadership give him a unique insight into both strategy development and implementation to help any company move from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Mental strength and conditioning coach, highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author.

Gary Fahey embodies the mantra of “Lived it, Learned it, Earned it.” His unique Brutal Honesty brand was forged through 18 years with the Australian Federal Police, leading the Australian Prime Minister’s Personal Protection Team and managing the Office of Commissioner, a deep, dark and destructive battle with mental health and a combination of formal and informal education, coaching and mentoring to develop his own evidence based, practical systems and structures for success.

Gary delivers an honest and authentic appraisal of his own misgivings, an insight into his own battles with depression, anxiety and addiction and the path he forged to find his own peace – taking the audience on a discovery tour of his 20 year journey from the top of the mountain to rock bottom, the understanding, trial and error and success of his pathway out and delivers it in a unique style that combines the step by step process with honest accountability and human delivery.

Gary pulls no punches in not only identifying the number one reason why many high achievers struggle, but also what it takes to stop the fight inside. 

Gary's wide breadth of experience, his formal and informal education and his unequalled expertise allow any speaking engagement to be specifically tailored to the outcomes desired. To have Gary speak at your event or to your team please enquire here:

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