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31,400 Burpees For Suicide Awareness and 

Gotcha 4 Life

It's Time To Get Brutally Honest About Suicide

On the day that you read this, 9 Australians will take their own life. That is 9 too many. 

I am fundraising for Gotcha4Life, Suicide Prevention and Suicide Awareness as I have been there, I understand, and I want to help.In 2020 we lost 3,139 Australians to suicide. A further 28,000 hospitalised due to self-harm.

It's time to get Brutally Honest about suicide.

I want to see the next generation of boys and girls grow up with the tools required to deal with adversity that they will inevitably face in their lives. I also know that as a result of Gotcha4Life using the money to directly fund several grassroots, high impact workshops and training programs, the money is creating positive ripples through many communities across Australia.

For the first 314 days in 2022 I will complete 100 burpees per day. These 31,400 burpees will equate to 10 burpees for each person we lost to suicide in 2020 plus a final 10 burpees in support of all those who are currently struggling with the pressures of life.

My goal is to not only raise $1 for every burpee I do, but create a continuous and ongoing discussion around suicide, mental fitness and supporting your mates. I will call on mates to help out when I need it, speak up when I am struggling but continue to move forward no matter the hurdles I face.

My name is Gary Fahey and I spent 18 years with the Australian Federal Police. I lived all the highs of success, was fortunate enough to run the Australian Prime Minister’s Protection Team as well as the AFP Commissioner’s Office however for the last 10 years of that career I (silently) battled a major depressive disorder and gambling addiction that cost me almost $2 million, my career, my reputation and had me seriously questioning the value of my own life.

Over the past 5 years I have learned from, worked with and trained under experts around the world to develop my own strategies for survival, success and significance and I know exactly what it feels like to bouncing off rock bottom, the difficulty it takes to speak up (especially for men) and the support it requires to move forward.

I have been fortunate and blessed on my journey to have been supported by people who cared more about me than (at times) I did for myself, and I want to show those who are currently struggling that there is a path forward, there are people who have been there also and many who have come through the other side.

Your support, through either a donation or sharing of my story, will greatly assist Gotcha4Life in their goal of ZERO SUICIDES. It may be a big, bold and bodacious goal but it is one seriously worth chasing down with unrelenting vigour.

Help me support the Gotcha4Life Foundation move closer to their goal. 

Be Brutal Burpee Challenge
Donate and Share

See EVERY Burpee Here

I'll be doing 100 burpees EVERY day for 314 days straight - no days off, no distractions. We've recorded EVERY SINGLE burpee, EVERY SINGLE day on TikTok: SEE THEM HERE

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