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Over 40 and Fighting Fit

Are you a man over 40 looking to rediscover your fight? If you have struggled to make anything stick, to get started, or have a story that needs to change direction, this is for you. Please complete the form below. I will call ALL eligible applications personally and work with EVERY serious applicant on becoming their best.

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You Never Thought It Would Get This Bad

There's no point beating around the bush.....

I had let myself go. I gave myself the same old excuses. I was busy, the world was crazy, I would get started on Monday.

Adam had put work first, his family in front of himself and time had gotten away from him.

And Martin had just about given up. There was no masking the fact that this wasn't going to end well. The things that worked before just weren't working anymore.

But You Don't Have To Stay There

It took me over two years of research, trial and error, (a little bit of pain) and putting systems to work, but I found the solution. There's a different path for men over 40. A process specifically designed to make significant change. Fast and lasting change.

First, I found it.

(Lost 16% bodyfat in 9 weeks)

Then I coached Adam through it.

(Lost 25 kg in 16 weeks)

Before changing Martin's life for ever

(Lost 20kg and 20% BF in 16 weeks)

This is NOT Personal Training.

This IS Personal CHANGE.

Don't kid yourself, this program is steeped deep in the physical transformation. We've put together an evidence based program that ABSOLUTELY changes your physique, your physicality and your strength. We take systems proven to work for Men Over 40 and combine them with the mindset, nutrition and (to be Brutally Honest) no BULL SHIT approach to change. We have changed hundreds of men's lives but we have a simple rule - if you want to change, you have to DO THE WORK. If you want success, you have to COMMIT. 

If you are ready to do just these two things, I guarantee LIFE CHANGING RESULTS.

Next steps? Click the link, fill out the application (I only work with 10 men at any one time so places are limited ONLY to those willing to COMMIT), let me shout you a coffee and LET'S GET TO WORK.

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